The Incomprehensible

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Advice for dealing with The Incomprehensible

The Ministry recommends that all staff familiarise themselves with standard procedures concerning the Incomprehensible. The daily life of a Ministry employee will often include the unusual, the bizarre, and the grotesque; the truly Incomprehensible is much rarer. Nevertheless, all of our employees will, eventually, encounter the Incomprehensible. Read the guidelines. Perform your mind-control exercises. Think of your loved ones, and attempt to ignore the indifferent hostility of the universe.

Always be prepared for the Incomprehensible.

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Resisting Mind Control

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The Ministry’s former Head of Mesmerism delivers some sage advice in this educational clip from 1954. The clip is old; however, the techniques are as relevant as ever. Mind control is increasingly prevalent in the international espionage community these days. It is believed by the Ministry that China alone has more than one thousand adepts of the hypnotic arts.

Mind control is easily countered. Observe.

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